Tails See "Feints".
Tail of the Distillation See "Feints".
Thin Stillage Stillage with the solids removed.
Thumper (US term) A doubler containing water through which low wine vapours are bubbled to produce high wines.
Top Dressings High quality malt used to fine tune a blended whisky, giving it extra depth and character.
Triple Distillation Traditionally a Lowland method, triple distillation is simply another stage of distillation added to the normal double distillation process common throughout Scotland. Only Springbank, Auchentoshan and Rosebank still employ the technique whilst Talisker stopped it in 1926. Most Irish malt whiskey is produced by triple distillation.
Tun Room A double-decker room in which the Washbacks are situated. The lower ground floor part is kept locked during the fermentation process for safety reasons (see "Carbon Dioxide"). The Washbacks stand on the ground floor and project up into the first floor area. The fermentation process is controlled by the 'tun room man'.