Rackhouse (US term) The building in which whiskey is aged, sometimes referred to as the warehouse.
Racking Transferring spirit into casks from another container, for instance a damaged cask or a tanker.
Rake Gear Stirring rakes and blades in the Mash Tun.
Receiver See "Charger".
Red Layer (US term) A layer of caramelised wood sugars that is formed when the barrels are 'toasted' and charred.
Refill Refers to casks that have already been used at least once for whisky maturation (first fill) and are being pressed into service again. Second fill and third fill are not uncommon.
Reflux The condensing of spirit vapour on the still neck, the condensate then running back down into the Still to be distilled again.
Region There are four whisky-producing regions in Scotland. They are Campbeltown, Highlands, Islay and Lowlands. They are sub-divided, except Campbeltown, into sub-areas called districts.
Ricks (US term) The wooden structures on which barrels of whiskey rest during ageing. They are also the tall stacks of suger maple wooden planks that are burned to produce the charcoal through which Tennessee whiskey is filtered.
Roller Mill The Roller Mill is a machine used to mill the malted barley (by passing the grain between heavy steel rollers), after it has been "dressed" in the Dresser, into a coarse grist which is then stored, prior to use, in the Malt Grist Hopper.
Rummager A device consisting of a number of chains connected to a revolving arm and fitted inside Wash Stills which are directly fired from below by open flames (usually peat or coal). The purpose of the chains is to scrape the bottom of the Still and prevent any particles of unfermented matter or yeast from settling and sticking to it and being scorched by the fire underneath. The gear which drives the chains used to be fitted with a bell so that the stillman knew it was working correctly. The use of Steam Coils has largely made the rummager redundant.
Run Run or runnings is the colourless spirit at various strengths and purity which passes from the Stihe Worm Tub or Condenser.
Rye Whiskey Whiskey made from at least 51% rye. Production is similar to that of bourbon.