Kieve An old Irish name for a Mash Tun or tub, rarely heard these days.
Kiln The Kiln is used to dry the green malt which kills the germ of the growing grain once germination to the required degree has been achieved. The Kiln consists of a perforated floor, traditionally covered by a haircloth but more usually by a steel mesh nowadays, on which the green malt is spread, over a Peat Fire and the malt is turned regularly to avoid it being burnt. Hot air from the Peat Fire, passing up through the drying barley, imparts its peat reek to the barley which, at the end of the drying process, has become malted barley. Ventilation to the Kiln is provided, traditionally, by the open, pagoda-style head to the Kiln building. The malted barley is stored in the Malt Bins until it is required for use.
Kilning In malting, the process of arresting the growth of the germinating barley before the starch can be used up.