Gauger The old name given to the exciseman whose job it was to put down illicit distillation and smuggling.
Germination The process that takes place in the Floor Maltings where the steeped barley is spread on the floor (the barley is now known as the piece) and allowed to sprout, forming shoots and rootlets, and is left there for about 7 days, tended regularly to keep the temperature constant at about 16°C, upon which time (the barley is now known as green malt) further growth is prevented by the barley being dried in the Kiln.
Grain The seeds of a cereal crop such as maize, corn, rye, wheat, barley, etc.
Grain Whisky Whisky that is produced by the patent continuous still method. It differs in a number of ways from malt whisky. The mash consists of a proportion of malted barley together with unmalted cereals such as Wheat or maize. The unmalted cereals are cooked under steam pressure for some 31/2 hours (which causes the starch cells to burst) before they are transfered to the mash tun. The enzymes from the malted barley portion then convert the starch into sugar. The Wort produced in this manner is of a lower specific gravity than in the case of the malt whisky process and the spirit collected from the patent still is of a much higher strength.
Green Malt Green malt is the name given to the barley that has completed its germination and modification in the Floor Maltings and is ready to be dried in the Kiln.
Grist See "Malt Grist".