Where are the distilleries?
On Google Earth, only you have to find them. So I did and the file below is the result of many a rainy Sunday, constantly refining and adding features.
You can download the file and see the distilleries from above.
Google Earth is a free program, which you can download here: http://earth.google.com/
Download the file(s), click on the file and Google Earth will open and put the overlay in "My Places".
Scottish Distilleries_org

And now also an overlay with US distilleries

US Distilleries

Another take on the question "Where are the distilleries" you can find here.
Made by Johannes van de Heuvel, the man behind the Malt Madness website, it will show you all the distilleries on
a static map.
You can click on the distilleries and summary information presents itself.
Together with the Google Earth overlay's, this map is probably the most comprehensive overview or our
beloved whisky sources.
Highly recommended!